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storm damage

The team at Eclipse Roofers is dedicated to helping you get your home back to normal with our quick and easy process. We are experienced in insurance restoration work and in all cases, the only cost you will pay is your deductible.

Insurance companies will cover storm damageD roofs!

Some things to note regarding catastrophic weather events and insurance claims. Expect a more detailed and thorough estimate when we inspect your property. If the adjusters beat us to it, simply let us know that the insurance adjusters have already been to your property and given you an estimate. We will compare their estimate to ours when we do our assessment and ensure that you get the coverage you need to fix your home. 

After our assessment, we will provide a comprehensive estimate. Note that you will only have to pay your deductible plus any upgrades in materials. Be cautious of companies offering to pay deductibles, as this is illegal and generally results in a reduction of quality.

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step 1: contact

If severe weather has hit your area and you'd like your home inspected for hail or any other storm damage, contact us right away.

step 2: file a claim

File a claim with your insurance company. Based on damages we see on your property, we will let you know if you should file a claim with your insurance.

step 3: we are here to help

Whether it's repair, replacement or anything in between, we will guide you through our proven process that provides quality and long-lasting results. We will get started as soon as possible!

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